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A journalist and writer, Judith Welles is author of a local history, Cabin John: Legends and Life of an Uncommon Place, published in 2008.  She has also authored an e-book on work life, Get a Life, Try This! published in 2011, and her latest book, Lilly Stone, published September, 2012.



The name Cabin John is steeped in mystery and legends about lost lovers, ghosts, pirates and buried treasure.  Early land records cite Captain John's Run, now Cabin John Creek.  Did Captain John Smith's journeys along the Potomac River in 1608 take him to an area later named perhaps after him?  The Union Arch Bridge, known today as the Cabin John Bridge, was built during the Civil war and carries the aqueduct that gives Washington, D.C. its public water.  Never before published photos show the grandeur of the Cabin John Bridge Hotel, a resort destination in the 1890s and early 1900s.


The book Lilly Stone tells the story of a woman who changed the landscape of business and culture in the rural countryside near the Nation's Capital.  Born during the Civil War, she died during the Cold War.  At the stage of life when most people retire, Lilly was not only doing men's work but running an industry of men's work.  She founded Stoneyhurst quarries and, while operating the quarry, she inspired the first flag for the county and founded the Montgomery County Historical Society.  Letters to Lilly from her son detail World War I.  Remarkably, World War II brings German POWs to work at her quarry. With accomplishments in business and a passion for preserving history, Lilly Stone made history herself.  


The book, Get a Life, Try This!, is based on her columns and blog for a technology magazine.  A war in two countries, an economic free fall, and hurricane season has not yet begun.  A storm of challenges is testing the strengths of federal government employees.  Working for government presents even more stress as leaders and priorities can change with every election.  What are the needs of managers and employees, in business or the public sector, when faced with challenges?  The book gives expert views and “try this” tips to help you get ahead and get a life at work.   

Judith Welles also has a record of accomplishment in media relations and executive coaching for government and industry leaders.  As a columnist and also as a media relations consultant, she has brought national attention to domestic policy, healthcare, and worklife issues.  


For a copy of Cabin John, Legends and Life of an Uncommon Place, go to Amazon.com.  For Get a Life, Try This! go to Amazon's Kindle or Barnes and Noble's Nook

For the book Lilly Stone, go to Amazon.com or for more information email jwelles@judithwelles.com

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